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Edson Williams of Lola VFX talks about how fast, sleek, encrypted data storage turbocharges their workflow and saves them time and headaches over disk-based systems

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Pro Data ports

Multi-Path Performance

Combine multiple Thunderbolt
connections for the first time
to boost bandwidth to
a single computer.

Maximize performance

Multi-User Versatility

Share storage space and
handoff tasks across your team
and multiple computers
for ultimate workflow flexibility.

Improve productivity

Thunderbolt ×8. NVMe SSD 12/24/48TB.

Whoa × 5 GB/s

The incredible Pro Data builds on Thunderbolt’s breathtaking speed and daisy-chain expandability, and takes its amazing capabilities to new heights. With a staggering eight full-speed ports, there’s no need to sacrifice peripherals: just connect your displays and other downstream devices to Pro Data, and boost your productivity without losing a single port.

Thunderbolt connectivity ensures Pro Data works with every computer and every app you have today, or might buy in the future.  Pro Data is the fastest Thunderbolt storage for M1 Macs, and the fastest Thunderbolt RAID array. Use it to redesign your next setup, or supercharge your existing one.

Pro Data internal

Twelve lightning-fast NVMe SSDs transparently combine with our unique RAID and Encryption technology to deliver unparalleled data protection, while delivering peak performance across sustained workloads. Control all these features using our simple, elegant, and native macOS app.

remote possibilities

Keep it all together

In-studio or on-location, your digital assets belong where you can access them reliably and store them securely. Anywhere your work takes you, Pro Data enables team collaboration, data encryption, and RAID-6 protection.

Adjust to Fit

Each Pro Data packages 12TB, 24TB, or 48TB of SSD capacity in a sleek industrial design that’s as well-suited to a laptop bag or DIT cart as it is on your desk.

And because it’s built around Thunderbolt, you can daisy-chain up to six Pro Data devices from each Thunderbolt port on your computer for up to a whopping petabyte of solid-state awesomeness.


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Laptop bag

Design for Repair

Pro Data is engineered to support your right to repair with a unique combination of industrial design features, software technologies including RAID-6, and the iodyne Cloud. Learn how all these features work together by reviewing our Repair Policy.

Knowing that you’ll never lose access to your valuable project data means that unexpected downtime can move safely to the bottom of your list of concerns.

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