Repair Policy

We believe in your Right to Repair our products.  We also believe that great storage products should feature a Design for Repair.  Our product design, product technology, and warranty all interact to provide investment protection over the lifetime of your asset.  The device that holds your data should deliver nothing less.


iodyne Pro Data is uniquely Designed for Repair through our combination of industrial design considerations, product technologies, the iodyne Cloud, our free Extended Warranty, and repair documentation. Here’s how these elements work together to ensure your long-term investment:

Industrial Design

The unique industrial design of Pro Data is based on an elegant form with specific affordances for long-term repair and maintenance of the product.  Our solid aluminum service panel is unlocked with two simple standard screws from below.  Once unlocked, the service panel slides open to reveal 12 NVMe M.2 SSDs, connected to our high-performance PCI Express Fabric.  Each SSD is enclosed in an iodyne carrier, that protects the SSD PCB with a heatsink and thermal interface.  Remove one more standard screw and you can lift out an SSD module, and replace it.


Our chassis also features an industry-standard SO-DIMM form factor, for easy and future-proof replacement and upgrades of memory cache, and access to replace fans with simple pluggable connectors and standard screws.  Our product technology uniquely supports our Design for Repair: for example, although memory is replaceable and not soldered down, data encryption keys are not persisted in memory, and so cannot be retrieved from a running system by freezing DRAM.

RAID Data Protection

Any storage system must provide data redundancy and repair (“resilvering” of a stripe of data and parity) in order to allow for long-term maintenance.  Our product firmware provides a unique implementation of RAID designed specifically for NVM Express SSDs and modern filesystems like APFS.  Data is stored with enterprise-grade RAID-6 protection for your critical data, protecting from up to two independent faults without loss of data.  Transactional consistency is provided for power-loss. Metadata is triple-mirrored, even when RAID-0 is selected for scratch containers. Checksums provide additional verification of every block of data that is read and written.

Automatic Fault Management

Pro Data automatically and transparently monitors all of your SSD Modules for faults, media errors, and the overall flash media lifetime that has been consumed by your workload. The status of each SSD Module is displayed for you in the Status tab of our user interface, and active notifications are provided when repair or replacement of an SSD Module, Fan, or DIMM is required.

Status screen

iodyne Cloud and Telemetry

When you register your iodyne device with the iodyne Cloud, your computer will automatically send telemetry reports on the health of the device and associated SSD Modules back to our cloud. Telemetry never includes any customer data stored in the device. iodyne Cloud provides reporting on the health of all your iodyne devices, and dispatches spare SSDs automatically when needed. By following our instructions, you’ll be able to repair a depleted SSD safely in minutes, and our RAID Data Protection will automatically and transparently resilver all data and parity.

Extended Warranty

When you activate your free iodyne Cloud account, we’ll also activate your free Extended Warranty. The warranty ensures that your critical investment is protected for the maximum lifetime we can offer, while also not limiting your ability to continue to repair the product.

Replacing an M.2 SSD

Spare Parts

If your product is under Warranty and registered with the iodyne Cloud, we’ll dispatch spare SSDs to you automatically, and free.  But if not, you can always purchase your own spares on our Store. And because we use industry-standards like NVM Express, PCI Express, SO-DIMM, and more, you will have the widest possible array of repair options available to you over the product’s lifetime.

Repair Documentation

To ensure that repairs are done safely and correctly, our repair guides are freely available on