Great product design is about attention to detail. We’re sharing these technical and legal notes with you so you understand the details behind our product specifications.

iodyne, iodyne Pro Data, the iodyne Pro Data logo are registered trademarks of iodyne, LLC.

  1. The quantities in this documentation referencing storage capacity (MB, GB, TB) or storage performance (MB/s, GB/s, TB/s) refer to decimal prefixes “Mega”, “Giga”, and “Tera” in the International System of Units (SI) where 1MB = 106 bytes, 1GB = 109 bytes, and 1TB = 1012 bytes, and where a byte is a data element that is 8 bits in size as defined in ISQ/IEC 80000. Transmission rates expressed as bits (Gbps, Gb) refer to a rate of gigabits per second (109 bits). The quantities in this documentation referencing logical block size 4K refer to the International System of Quantities (IEC) prefix “Kibi” where 4K = 4 × 1024 = 4096 bytes.
  2. The available storage capacity of each Pro Data SSD Module is its formatted maximum usable capacity in TB. Additional capacity used for error correcting codes, metadata, and defect redundancies is not included in this number. The storage capacity of each Pro Data Device is its formatted maximum usable capacity in TB in a RAID-0 configuration with a single container, not including metadata and metadata RAID parity, and not including operating system specific formatting such as Partition Tables and Boot Partitions that may be added by macOS, Windows, Linux or other supported host operating systems. Depending upon the number of containers configured, and their RAID configurations, the amount of system metadata and RAID parity will vary, and therefore the usable storage capacity of the system will be reduced in order to achieve the user’s desired configuration.
  3. Performance results based on testing conducted by iodyne in December 2023 using Pro Data devices configured with twelve 1TB SSD Modules and twelve 2TB SSD Modules. Tests are performed as specified on iodyne.com/rethinking-benchmarks. Performance tests are conducted using specific computer systems and reflect the performance of Pro Data during a defined interval of a test sequence. Performance results listed here may not reflect the performance of other benchmarks and system configurations.
  4. Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries. The NVM Express Logo® and the NVM Express® wordmarks are registered or unregistered service marks of the NVM Express organization in the United States and other countries.