Leadership Team

Mike Shapiro and Jeff Bonwick

Jason Williams
CHief Operating Officer

Daryl Lang

Robert Stacy
VP, Global Sales

Todd Patrick
Creative Director

Michael Gitig
SENIOR DIrector, Media & Entertainment

Cynthia McGuire
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Jeff Ferreira
SENIOR Principal Software Engineer

Yohannes Kassa
Hardware Engineer

Martin Christien

Asli Sonceley
DIRECTOR of Marketing

Technical Advisory Team

Peter Onufryk
(Intel, Microchip, PMC-Sierra, IDT)

Timothy Huber
(Video Production/Post, Digital Imaging, Visualization)

Logan Kelsey

Reginald Conley
(MARVELL, Diodes, PLX)

iodyne HQ

iodyne is dedicated to providing Pro users with the absolute best technology and tools to manage your most important creative assets.  After more than 20 years designing some of the industry’s leading enterprise storage systems, including the revolutionary ZFS filesystem, industry-first Hybrid Disk/SSD ZFS Storage System, NVMe Fabrics protocol, and industry-first NVMe pooled storage and industry-first 100GB/s DSSD Storage System, iodyne’s founders have created a company to bring breakthrough storage technologies to Pro desktops and workgroups.  The kind of storage we want to use every day to store our files, and simply could not find in the market.

We’ve made it incredibly powerful, with breakthrough performance, RAID-6 and encryption worthy of the most powerful enterprise storage devices.  We’ve given it completely breakthrough technologies, like Thunderbolt NVMe Multipathing, and Storage Handoff.   We’ve made it incredibly secure and private, so you and only you can access your data. We’ve made it massive and extensible, with up to 48TB of SSD and the ability to daisy-chain many devices.  We’ve Designed for Repair, so your investment in your data storage lasts far beyond the lifetime of your next computer.  And we’ve given it a refined and elegant industrial design, with a beautiful, simple, and native Mac user interface.

We hope that Pro Data will find a place on your desk, in your DIT cart or lab, storing your next incredible image, sound, design, movie, animation or idea.