1. The product that you (the End-User) have rented is a data storage device that is subject to unrecoverable failure and data loss under certain conditions such as extreme electrical or physical damage to the product. In addition, if you lose, forget, and/or do not backup data encryption passwords that you configure for the device, there will be no way for data stored on the device to be decrypted, and will result in a condition equivalent to data loss. As such, we recommend that you make appropriate provisions to backup all data (“End-User Data”) that you store on the product.
  2. The data storage device provides features for data encryption that allow you to secure your End-User Data. In addition, the data storage device provides features to enable you to securely erase the End-User Data from the product.  You are responsible for properly configuring and implementing these features.  If you do not properly configure or implement these features, then your End-User Data may be visible to the entity that rented the product to you (also referred to as a “Rental Partner”) and/or to any other third party (including other renters) that has access to the product after you have finished renting it.
  3. Once the product is returned to a Rental Partner, the Rental Partner will take steps to securely erase the End-User Data. The Rental Partner will not make any backup copies of the End-User Data.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to transfer your End-User Data off the product to another device, server, or cloud before returning the product to the Rental Partner.  Once the Rental Partner has securely erased the End-User Data, there will be no way to retrieve any End-User Data.
  4. The product is certified for use in certain operating scenarios (“Permitted Scenarios”), including but not limited to operating system configurations, temperature ranges, altitudes, pressures, and electrical environments, as described by the Product Warranty and Technical Specifications. You are solely responsible for understanding these limitations and ensuring that any product that you rent is deployed only within the Permitted Scenarios.  Failure to operate the products within the Permitted Scenarios may result in unrecoverable data loss of your End-User Data and impact your use of the products that you rent.