Testimonial: Slow Mo Guys

Slow Mo Guys logo

The Slow Mo Guys is a science and technology entertainment web series hosted by Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy

Anyone who’s been captivated by the temporal curiosities on display at the Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel knows how one’s perspective can dramatically change when the everyday world is slowed to a crawl. But to show us this unique perspective, production of their massively popular web series relies on mind-blowingly fast technology behind the scenes.

In this video testimonial, co-host Gavin Free concludes his quest to completely overhaul data management with cutting-edge technology that keeps up with the latest capture equipment. Being able to transport eight-to-ten video projects on a single, massive, high-performance Pro Data storage device means the channel can be continuously refreshed with multiple edits being conducted in parallel instead of sequentially.

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